warm up!! warm up!! it's color!!

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Hai alls!! seperti yg aku mention didalam post yang lepas, aku dh start beli menda dlm gambar di atas tu..u know what!! it's almost 13 years aku x sentuh mnda2 ni..aku xde idea pn nk conteng for my first artwork..no idea..but i just let my hand do something i don't know..haha..it's just warm up session..now, i need more quality water color instead of one in the picture but i don't know where to buy 'em..can anyone suggest the best shop in Kota Bharu..please don't tell me stationery store in kl, melaka, or johor..i need one in kelantan..within 2 hrs i can't do much dgn housework yg x pernah berkesudahan..hrmm, i guess i need to create housework timetable + diy/artproject timetable..it's easy to create but to follow?? NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE..huhuhu...

ok let me share my ugly artwork..tema dia.."no idea".. haha..

Edward Abbey — 'Great art is never perfect; perfect art is never great.'
Okay guys, that's all my potpetpotpet for today..i've anotha thing to do for my love "AQ AQUATIC"..


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